How to start a blog and make money in 10 easy steps:

The initial goal of setting up a blog can be any…It makes a perfect sense if you wish to start it for imparting voice to your words. With a proper start, relevant and exclusive content and frequent updating, your blog can make millions of followers and more millions in money as you keep them attracted and engaged.

But blogging may be baffling if not done the right way. Here’s the easiest guide you may
need: How to start off with a blog. Let’s proceed the right way and lead step by step.

1. Picking the niche:

You may not be able to write about what you don’t know or have less information about. For a successful blog, you need regular updating. So, always pick up the niche in which you can create a creative outlet, where you can express yourself, speak out your thoughts and give words to your feelings.

Your entire blog’s content will revolve around this particular topic. So, pick the niche in which you can reign as your content gets shares and likes as it is circulated over the web day and night.

Some of the favourite niches people choose to express in different ways are travel, food, fashion, self-help, lifestyle, technology, DIY (Do It Yourself), informative pieces, fitness, investment and more.

You can enlist a few topics of your interest. Keep shortening the list as you get answers to the questions like:
1. What am I passionate about?
2. What can I write up to the best of my knowledge?
3. Can I choose to write relating to my career? If career and interests both complement each other, then this can be one of the best niches.
4. If you have been a travelling favourite, then certainly you must have had varied life experiences that can form lucrative content for your blog. Or if you are a foodie or love to travel for food, you know what to target. And fashion is something that is always there. Fashion comes with both fusion and fission. All you need is ideas for presentation.

Your niche is perfect if it conflates the interests of both the author and the reader.

2. Picking the blog name:

Once you have selected your favourite niche to write, next is the blog name.

The name must be suggestive of what your blog will tell your readers.

The blog name is the first impression and as a wise man said, “You never get a second chance to make the first impression”.
Most readers choose to read or leave the page just by a gaze at what the blog name says. And if your reader is attracted and proceeds with reading, you have gained the attention of the right audience. Moreover, it will help in SEO.

Well, this may be a little difficult since blog names that go best with the niche may mostly be taken. But the best motivation is, there’s always more and you can still find a suitable domain name.

The Tips:
Keep the blog name as short as possible.
Try to include a descriptive keyword in the name.
It should be readily readable.
Avoid any special characters in the blog name. They only add clutter.

A perfect blog name is one that right audience chooses to read.

3. Picking up the web host:

Now, you need a hosting platform that can offer you server space and host your blog. This is where your content will go live on the world wide web.

Several hosts are offering hosting services at different prices and packages. You can choose to buy the one that fits your relevance. Budget is not a big problem here since most basic hosting packages come at affordable pricing.

Yes, you can spend money on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your blog. That’s where you can get your investment returned in multiples.

For picking the best hosting provider, the best method is to check for online reviews of various providers and then choose to partner with.

4. Picking up the Content Management System (CMS):

Initially, we could have recommended you to choose from amongst a handful of available CMS. But, as on today, you only need one and that’s WordPress. So, get it installed. And trust us, you don’t need to be a techie to be working on WordPress. It’s not that coding and blogging. After all, you need to save your energy and creativity for the content, not for coding.

It’s easy. It’s free. And it offers a plethora of options for themes, templates to choose from with multiple additional features like plugins and more.

5. Picking up the blog’s look:

How the screen would look like just as the reader clicks on your blog’s URL should always be able to catch the fish for your chosen niche. How your blog appears in the first look will be going to impact the reader’s virtual instinct. There are several themes and there are furthermore tailoring options available. It is just like you have the raw material, colour pastels, images and decorative articles which you need to put together as you like. If you need your blog to get readers, at first sight, you need to add some light of customization. And it’s fun to do. You’ll enjoy doing it.

The cherry on the top for your blog’s look will be your blog header. You can hire a freelancer to do some basic graphic designing for you if your hands are not pretty good at it. It is all about a little creativity put to work.

6. Writing the content:

Your blog is just another website. So, you can choose how it looks, what it says and where it leads. Whether static or dynamic, there will be some pages most frequently visited like About us, Portfolio, Contact page. So, start writing content for these pages.

Just be brief in what you share in these pages. Your readers are more interested in what you have to tell not about why you’re writing the blog but the blog itself. So, keep your focus saved for that part.

7. Plugins and widgets:

WordPress will allow a lot of functionality and flexibility. Plugins will make the task much easy to go. You can briefly read about them and their functionality. If they seem relevant, just go ahead and install them.

Similarly, widgets will give you shortcuts and help your readers connect with you through small icons.

8. Have a backup software:

No, your blog will not vanish, but you need a backup and it’s important. Malware attacks can put your content into trouble. With our experience and wisdom, we would advise you to have a backup.

9. Write and Reach out:

Now, here is where the techie stuff ends and now you the ball is in your court. Start writing. That’s what a blog means.

Your ideas, your experiences, your tips impart both weight and strength to your content. Put the creative you at the job.

Make your content worthy. The content should have an interest both in and around it.  Keep the content in simple language. No one likes to be interrupted by dictionary very often while reading. Keep your audience connected and engaged. Use catchy words only for garnishing, not in the main course.

Do you know what the best part is? That only the original ones hit the bull’s eye. Copy-paste work stays off the shore.

Remember, you can always feel inspired but only original is what is admired.

Then, you need to be regular in posting. Keep up the consistency and stick to the schedule. It’s important.

Next comes the blog promotion. You can choose to ger SEO done. Most bloggers use social medial management for their blog promotion. More traffic, more author following and more profit is what you can get with proper SEO.

If you have ideas but are confused as how to start with writing a blog, seek help from our professional team. We are just a call away.

10. Monetization of your blog:

Whether you are writing the blog for passive income or to make it your retirement pension plan and earn from royalty, you need to monetize your blog. For this, you can choose to hire a reliable SEO services provider since your prime focus should be on your content. You can choose to create content and leave the job of making the blog draw money on your SEO provider.

Always feel inspired as imagination and innovation have no limits and there is no limit of content absorbers. Now you know how to start with a blog, so get started with blogging today. Need any assistance, call us today.