E-mail marketing campaigns that have spanned the digital marketing arena for years is now gradually turning to an off-mode. The switch is taking place for the need for more personalization at the consumer’s end.
And here’s how the scenario of digital markdigital marketing agencyeting going to change in 2021. Well, if it was not for the breakdown of COVID-19 global pandemic, the change could have taken another couple of years. But under imposed lockdowns and most businesses being pushed online to stay connected with the market, digital marketing got saturated quite earlier.

But we are not here to discuss the problem, rather more interested in jumping on to the solution as to how to leverage digital marketing and stay ahead of the competitors this year. So, we have bifurcated the basic trends which are not yet covered by all in the digital realm and hence you can have an edge if you can clutch these.

1. Page load speed:

“Either run swiftly or do not participate at all.”
As a consumer, “You need it now or never.” Have you seen a child regularly tapping on the smartphone screen when he/she’s unable to jump to an expected outcome or a game or a video or the like? It’s not happening, it’s not working and Bang! Now, why I am referring to this here is because this is human instinct embedded in all of us whether children or adults. We need everything at a single click.
If a page on any website is taking longer than consumer’s patience, he will drop down and move to the next. And your lead is lost to a competitor. So, a small matter of a few milliseconds can matter a lot in 2021.
And this is not just for any single page. The speed matters for customer’s overall experience throughout his/her stay on your site, take it from browsing your collection, reading the reviews and other content, making a purchase and finally experience with the payment gateway.
There is a misconception that a website load speed depends only on the connection which forges the public to switch to better ones. Though this improves the speed of sending and receiving signals, however, it doesn’t mean that website load speed is dependent on the connection of the browser.
While you have to take care of the product’s authenticity, its reasonable quality and the journey till delivery of the product(s) / service(s) to the final customer, the digital team has to take care of boosting the SPEED. Web crawlers are tracking website speed for ranking algorithms. And 2020 has already proved that an increased speed leads to increased traffic, conversions and the ranking.
Either the consumer can increase patience, which you cannot control, or you improve your pace to match theirs. Well, the technical team at SEO Pros is always at your service, but if you want to take charge of yourself, you can start with loading your dynamic files from Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). This is one of several things that can improve your site’s speed.

2. Text content size:

Until now, stuffing web pages with more and more content without taking care of relevance had been the mainstay for all web developers. But in 2021, let me tell you, that all extra stuff will be useless. Web crawlers will see the relevance of content rather than length.

3. Content definition:

Until now, most people involved in web development used the word content only for the text content. But now, demand for content writers have shifted to content creators, the ones who can create content which here would mean all text-based content, infographics, high-resolution images, gifs, audios, videos and more.
Not one thing is enough to get the ball in your court. You need to have all of them in the blend. The proportion may vary according to your product(s) and/or service(s). Little things add up to bring big differences.

4. Length and Quality of Content:

Content for a blog post can be long enough to keep the reader engaged and derive some meaningful information. Content for a gif or a video includes both the script and the images (as in case of animated videos) or can be recorded video and everything to be included within the video.
Similarly, content for social media promotion, marketing and advertising will vary according to the banner size or video length.
What basically would matter here will be the quality of content, not just the length. The message needs to be delivered across the straightway in a reasonable time.
A normal descriptive video of about 10-20 minutes to start with is good to go and you can take it as long as you have exclusive content and is engaging. Audio needs to be smaller than a video, can say 8-10 minutes will be fine. But do not ignore it, it holds its own place. After all, Podcasts are trending.
No one wants to read or listen or watch the same things again and again and in 2021, not even search engine’s algorithms want repetition. Google will see the content through the user’s eyes so that it understands the best way to deliver the right content in organic searches. Because it has its eyes on for how long does a user stay on a site, how long is an audio or a video being watched, where is it being dropped and much more.
Next thing to add on to the quality is to maintain the interest and develop a curiosity for more.
Everyone has been doing the same thing just with the switch to the internet, but what will make you stand out of the crowd is how you do it differently. It has been since ages, improved and new is unique, and hence reaches a peak, until something new comes to beat.

5. Mode of search:

Until the introduction of voice search and multilingual translations, the mode of search stayed only typing in the search box. This was a drawback for uneducated people or people who knew different language other than that comes with typing device. With internet reached to different kinds of population, this purpose was solved with voice search and multilingual keyboard.
So, if you want to reach more audience in 2021, your site needs to be compatible with voice devices. And for the global audience, the multilingual translation needs to be enabled without fail. If you want a child to understand what you mean, you first need to get to his/her level and then interact.
Voice search has added even children as an audience. Remember that child continuously tapping on the screen. Children who do not know how to spell at least know what and how to speak. They have been using voice search for their games and videos they like more often. And so is the case with millions of people who find it easier to speak and search rather than type and search. So, you can see how much it will mean for your site to be compatible with voice devices.

6. Ranking algorithms:

Though search engines have paid advertisements, yet users take organic search results as genuine recommendations. And with more people paying for Ads, there is competition there too. But Google cannot completely monetize for its credibility is the audience’s reliability in it. So, ranking algorithms can get strict and to outstand the competition, you’ll need SEO.
Many people used to say SEO is dead while others said, No, it’s not. Absolutely, it’s not dead. It’s just that the need is to recognize the technical people who are well aware of the changing ranking algorithms are employed to do your job. Old techniques may not work the way they used to. Just as mentioned before for content. Previously, SEO professionals focused on developing more and more text-based content to increase the keyword percentage. But, now alone that won’t do. The trend is changing and it will always do so.
Do your homework before hiring any SEO agency. Validate and then choose the best SEO service provider to partner with who can employ white-hat SEO services to get you on the top charts. If you’re not found in the top numbers, then your online existence really will not matter to the consumer.

7. Updating the content:

Undoubtedly, the internet is flooded with content and more keeps on adding every single second. But how and where to get new content daily? No, you don’t need that until you have something new. Till then, you can keep updating the existing information.
For instance, recycling of the original content into something that holds meaning today at this moment. Modern and fusion are the revised versions of old traditions. Fashion designers, interior designers, graphic designers, chefs and master chefs, modern-day medicines, technology, machinery all are revised and improved versions of the existing ones. But they all know that the basis remains the same. For example, salt in salty and sweet in sweet dishes will always be there. However, you can replace the agents that bring that taste. Replace sugar with low-calorie sugar-free and just like that.
If you can click this formula into your original content, two things are sure to happen: regular updates will be crawled by search engines and you will always have something new, so the new audience will get attracted. Updating is more important than introducing new content.

8. Repurposing:

Updating can continue, till then you can repurpose your content. Most of you must be having the text-based content till 2020. Now, you can use this content to create audios and videos. It is just reframing the existing information to reach more audience. Not all will read your blogs. But some can read, some can listen and some others can watch. You should be ready with content to be dispersed across all mediums in 2021. This will enhance your ranking, visibility on any search engine and top numbers can be reached.

9. Backlinks will matter less:

In 2021, the user needs the quality of the content, not the backlink. The content that holds relevance will matter rather than having millions of backlinks.

10. Focus on brand building:

For a consumer, brands do not emerge out in a day saying it loud that we are a brand. No. They are built with the trust of the users which is further dependent on the quality of the product(s) and/or service(s) you offer. So, focus on core work. Win loyalty with quality. In the long run, loyal followers matter rather than a sale for a day.

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