Question: What is SEO?

Answer. SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, most widely used word in every business today. The services including techniques, strategies and tactics that contribute in making you found to a customer when he/she is searching for products and/or services you have to offer before your competitors and frequently in search results are collectively known as the SEO.

Some of the common techniques and collective terms are On-page optimization, Off-page Optimization, Local SEO, Global SEO, E-commerce SEO, Content management, data analytics, etc.

Question: What does an SEO company do?

Answer. SEO is not a day’s work. It involves strategic planning, techniques and proper execution. The professionals at an SEO company do the job efficiently.

Question: Is SEO alike for all businesses?

Answer.: SEO techniques used are different for different business types, their goals and objectives at different times and for different budgets.

Question: Why does my business need SEO?

Answer.. Whatever maybe your business, online presence today is mandatory for growth. Maximum customers find you and your products online. They may either choose to visit in person and you get on-foot customers or they may order online if your business offers online services.

The prime motive behind having a website for a business is to have an online presence which can bring in more potential leads and sales. SEO techniques help businesses attain better rankings in search engines and stay ahead in the competition.

With a better rank, website visibility and page traffic improve significantly. It draws more customers, generates more leads and sales and hence, brings more return on investment (ROI).

Simply, SEO sparks up your brand/business’s visibility both for the search engine and for the audience looking for your products and/or services.

Without SEO, it is impossible to beat the competitors online who are spending on SEO services on a large scale. Most customers tend to buy from the top 5 results returned for a search by the search engine. Without SEO, it is impossible to reach there or even Google page #1.

Question: On what factors do any website’s ranking depend?

Answer.. Different elements and factors play diverse roles and collectively they help any website, blog or content have a ranking on search engines. Web crawlers use many indices and apply algorithms to give a rank to any website. Together, all these factors decide the position of any website on a search engine.

Some of the factors are URL structures, page load speed, meta tags, content kind, quality and syndication, keywords, their types and placements in the content, backlinks, anchor tags, interlinking, H1 tags, etc.

Google uses nearly 200 different factors that collectively decide any website’s rank.

Question: What is analysed for planning SEO?

Answer..: Before SEO, the website is analysed for all the shortcomings and the prospects for improvement. During analysis, the current state of your website is checked, things like URL structures, favicons, designing, layout, page load speed, content on your site, the crawl rate responsiveness, keyword competitiveness, competitors’ position and many more are looked into.

This analysis tells where and how to work.

Question: How much does SEO cost?

Answer.: Cost of SEO varies greatly depending on a diverse set of factors. Some SEO works are a one-time fix while others need regular updating. Regular work, amount and its quality, types of content, types of tools and techniques used, type of business, its objectives, location of the SEO company, etc. all contribute in deciding the SEO cost. Hence, there is no one figure that comes straight as the cost of SEO. SEO campaigns are actually designed according to business budgets.

For an estimate, reliable SEO services start their packages with as low as $200 per month and can go up to $1000 per month. Most common are the customised packages designed after website analysis. What work has already been done on a website and what and where are the prospects of improvement are analysed and tailored packages designed accordingly.

Some SEO companies may keep hidden costs to keep their packages low. It is advised to discuss and clarify all the costs, discuss the work that will be done and the kind of results to expect before signing up.

Question: What is organic SEO?

Answer..: The services that can bring the rank higher without paying the search engines like Google contribute to Organic SEO.  Customers rely on organic results returned for their searches by search engines more than the paid ones. They are taken as recommendations rather than advertisements. Google displays whether the result for a search is paid by mentioning Ad.

Question: Does SEO really work?

Answer..: Yes! Definitely! SEO does work. Partnering with a reliable SEO service provider, your website can rank higher and better, thereby increasing more leads, sales and eventually grow your business revenue.

Question: How long does it take for SEO to yield results?

Answer.. White hat SEO may take some time but the results achieved are long-lasting, organic and reliable. You can expect the results to come soon enough but for an effective SEO campaign to work positively and bring in target traffic, you need to spare SEO budget for at least six months. To be honest, to notice the real difference, you will have to wait for at least 4-6 months.

After this kick start, the differences will come quickly in the later stages. Google takes reasonable time to cache the changes made on the website and for the website. Yes, some works are on the website and others are for the website but on outer sources like social media, press releases, getting high DA backlinks, etc.

With SEO, the change may be gradual but it is definitely there.

Question: How much should I pay for SEO?

Answer.: There is no single amount that works equally for all businesses. You should get your website analysed and discuss your business goals with your SEO provider. A reliable SEO company will cater to your business needs as per its requirements and design a specific strategy, will discuss the plan and what results can be expected.

Either you can choose from their packages where they tell you what comes in each package and what work will be done. Or you can request a custom plan that is designed best suiting your business needs.

Moreover, after one-time fix work is done, regular updating will come at a lesser price and a specific budget can be planned accordingly.

Question: What is included in SEO services?

Answer..: Broadly speaking, SEO includes every single thing done on a website or for the website to help it rank higher on a search engine. For the ease of bifurcation, SEO includes three major elements sheathing all the work. First is the technical work of website which usually needs to be done only once with necessary changes being done as and when needed in later stages. These include the URL structures, page load speed, user interface issues and all other technical limitations which need to be dealt with before customers visit to make the actual purchases so that they have a smooth browsing experience on your site.

Second is the On-page optimization which includes managing all the pages, content, keywords, tags, metatags, H1 tags and everything else that goes on your website. New SEO-friendly content is written and properly placed. Content also includes the infographics, pictures, images and pieces of graphic designing. Then, there can be videos, tutorials, explanatory videos, etc where comes in the work of graphic designers and animators. Creating all this exclusive content and then properly placing and managing it will take time but is crucial for SEO.

The third is Off-page optimization. This includes the work done outside your website to help your website attain a better rank, experience influx of target traffic, generate leads and sales. The work can be done on social media sites using them as advertising portals as well as reaching out to the target audience at an affordable price. Then, there can be guest posting kinds of things where promotional content will be created and proper placements done on various distribution channels.

All of these collaboratively come under SEO services and that’s what an SEO company does.

Question: How do I know what work is done and progress?

Answer.: SEO providers share weekly, fortnightly or monthly reports with their clients as per their company policies. The report includes all the work that is done, the ranking improvement, traffic improvement and conversion rate. These parameters help the clients to understand the work done and how the search engine has recognised the difference.

Question: Can I do the SEO for my website on my own?

Answer..: Yes but do you know how to? There are some things that you can learn through various books and tutorials and implement for SEO. But SEO is much more than that. Besides, you need regular updating and different sets of things, all in a perfect blend. You may be good at designing, but are you good at writing SEO-friendly content or the vice versa or do you know where to hit the bull’s eye. Strategic planning is the first step in SEO. Then there is a lot of technical as well as creative work to be done. SEO companies have experts in each field and hence they easily manage with the division of labour and that too only to professionals. All experts with strong technical knowledge and skills work as a team under one roof.

Moreover, if you spend your time and focus on SEO, your basic work, your production, etc will suffer. Why not hire the professionals to do the job?

Question: Will I always need SEO?

Answer..: Undoubtedly, SEO is an on-going process. And when you’ll see the results, your return on investment, then you would love to spare a little from that to keep your profits skyrocketing.